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Not noisy, but a more industrial and weird release. You cannot grasp it from the very first listening. Just like you cannot grasp the calm, powerful, but frightening existence of taurus when you meet it eye to eye in an endless silence of the universe. „Many of the original sounds came from allowing synthesizers and effect pedals to work by themselves, let the machines improvise so to speak, and working from whatever results that yielded. Some recording sessions came out like a subconscious stream of sound, and from that I began building the concept and titles. The tracks geared toward a dreamlike structure, certain parts uncomfortably elongated, abrupt changes, having a logic of their own somehow. It was a difficult process to evacuate this album through its birth canals… but when I return to it now the process and the obstacles faced and overcome make sense.“. Ltd x 300 copies in a digipak.

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