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Antlers MulmVisiting Sun contains ten songs recorded from early autumn ’17 to late spring ’18. there is a number of musicians beyond A.M mastermind Hans Karte involved in an A.M. Album for the first time. the result is a cranky post punk record – reduction and minimalism trapped in a roundabout of strange goodbyes.

„it took a lot of energy to get it all together. recording the external instruments, explaining sounds and their colours, communication in general… now that the album is finished i can’t actually remember the intention behind it…must have been somethin like a search in sound. When i listen to it now i have to call it a dark bunch of flowers. I’m not sure, if i’m happy about this conclusion. …some of the songs are gemstones. to have recorded and finished them in the end makes me almost rejoice.“ Hans Karte, May 2019

Albumo „track’ai“:

1. 825
2. dead end
3. warm hot burning
4. when you sit beside me
5. wonder when
6. never go by
7. aborted initiation
8. freedom in a box
9. colour changing
10. not about infinity

Album lasts 40 min. Lim. E 111.

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