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A dark comedy or a folk drama about drunk birds, mocking spiders, empty bottles and lost souls. Starring David E. Williams, Lloyd James, Sonne Hagal, Future Whirl, Die Weisse Rose. A strange manuscript, telling a tale about some bizarre characters, found somewhere in a forgotten cellar and hidden by countless broken bottles, was the inspiring spark for this dark comedy or folk drama-as the subtitles suggest-set to music in order to show how love can be a faint illusion and the deepest of all wounds. For this decadent party, recorded between late 2008 to early 2010 and graced by great emotional neo folk ballads and more experimental gloomy soundscapes, Albireon invited some very selected guests to share this tasty blueberries‘ cake and offer the album a different palette of vocal nuances and a multinational coven of damned artists‘ parade. American songwriter-genious David E. Williams, UK’s finest minstrel Lloyd James of Naevus, german neo folk leading act Sonne Hagal, Norwegian/american highly talented artist Future Whirl (formerly Oberon) and the new martial heroes Die Weisse Rose are the selected guests of Mr. Nightbird’s party. These great artists offered a priceless contribution to Albireon’s music and lyrics, and perfectly painted the sad main character, in his struggling pilgrimage toward love, loss, forgiveness and rebirth, but all seen through the drunk eye of the mocking spiders. And after all, you now may be guessing why Mr.Nightbird hates blueberries? Listen to the album and find out why! OECD 132


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