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A collaborative work between Italy’s Lorenzo Abattoir and legendary UK project Satori, Aether is a densely constructed and multi-layered assemblage of chordal swells, whirring machinery cogs, aberrant rituals, and sprawling, tar-black atmospheres. Even as parts reach cataclysmic levels of intensity and magnitude, this is the sound of chaos merging with order, where every detail and nuance seems to be carefully regulated and controlled.
Formed in 1982 and immersed in the industrial and power electronics culture, Satori has released music on the legendary Broken Flag, Tesco, and Cold Spring, with “Aether” representing a new statement of intent of original member Dave Kirby. Lorenzo Abattoir is an Italian-based noise artist and sound engineer whose work takes shape in a context of underground extreme music to become accessible through various projects related to contemporary art, including Psicopompo with German composer Hermann Kopp (4IB Records), the electro-acoustic collective Mare Di Dirac (Dusktone Records), and a collaboration with Phurpa. Limited 300 in b/w glossy digipak, and co-released between Ukraine’s Old Captain Records and Malignant, Aether is a skillfully crafted and absorbing work sure to appeal to fans of all sub-genres of true industrial music.

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