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Asmorod (FR), Contemplatron (PL), Desiderii Marginis (S), Gustaf Hildebrand (S), His Divine Grace (D), Hybryds (BE), Inade (D), Job Karma (PL), Kratong (RU), Necrophorus (S), Svartsinn (N), Zenial (PL) Two years ago we were all shocked by the news about the death of Zdzislaw Beksinski, one of the greatest painters of the XX century, murdered in his flat in February 2005. It’s a great loss for all people who appreciated a great artistic value although he was considered as a creator of dark and gloomy paintings and it was not so easy to deal with his visions. 12 artists from 7 countries decided to pay a tribute to Mr. Beksinski and create a compilation which will help us firstly to remember about his outstanding paintings and secondly spread the knowledge about Mr. Beksinski among those who did not have a chance to appreciate his craft while he was alive. The compilation will be released on Feb 21st which is the second anniversary of the tragic death of Mr. Beksinski. The Album contains special tracks, never released before and inspired by the works of Mr. Beksinski. As his paintings were never titled, all tracks are unnamed as well. It is not possible to transform the image into the music, but, we believe, it is possible to create the music illustrating the image, reflecting the mood of somebody’s visions… Try to guess Beksinski’s visions, dreams and nightmares… Please notice: Part of the proceeds of this release will be handed over to the Muzeum Historyczne of Sanok, the major owner of Beksinski’s works. It will support the Gallery of Zdzislaw Beksinski. Copyright Ó for the replicas of Beksinski’s painting by Muzeum Historyczne of Sanok. Format: CD, foiled folding cover + 12 charts with replicas of Beksinski’s works Total time: 67:59 Catalogue no: (WROTYCZ RECORDS) WRT 004


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