V/A – STUDIO 12 (RECORDINGS 1980-1984) – 5LP/7″ BOXSET


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Limited edition of 444 hand-numbered copies. Contains a certificate and a 12-pages LP-sized booklet.

Minimal, Experimental, Dub
V/A – Muzak For Critics
A1 –Pieter Mulder Untitled
A2 –Siebe (2) Untitled
A3 –Siebe (2) Untitled
A4 –Siebe (2) Untitled
A5 –Siebe (2) Untitled
A6 –Wim Dekker Untitled
A7 –Wim Dekker Untitled
A8 –K&I Untitled
A9 –Ron van Zanten Untitled
B1 –Two CC Electronic Piece 1
B2 –Two CC Electronic Piece 2
B3 –Wim Dekker Untitled
B4 –Wim Dekker Yellow Serpent (Instrumental)
B5 –Unknown Artist Untitled
B6 –Rubin & Zip Untitled
V/A – Studio 12 Sampler
C1 –Smalts Werktitel 2
C2 –Vitaal Koud (Live)
C3 –Cargo-Cultus* A Summer Idylle
C4 –Nexda Untitled
C5 –Heathrow Saxxe Out Of Cry
C6 –Karin & Ivo* Untitled
D1 –Cargo-Cultus* Sick At No Scruples
D2 –Vitaal Luxury
D3 –Smalts Werktitel 6
D4 –Nexda Untitled
D5 –Heathrow Saxxe Nostradamus
D6 –Nexda Untitled
K&I – Promise Promise /// Die Krü Blødt – Bas Tapes Drums
E1 –K&I Untitled
E2 –K&I Untitled
E3 –K&I Untitled
E4 –K&I Untitled
E5 –K&I Untitled
E6 –K&I Untitled
E7 –K&I Untitled
F1 –Die Krü Blødt* Untitled
F2 –Die Krü Blødt* Untitled
F3 –Die Krü Blødt* Untitled
F4 –Die Krü Blødt* Untitled
F5 –Die Krü Blødt* Untitled
Nexda – Black Tape /// Red Tape
G1 –Nexda Untitled
G2 –Nexda Untitled
G3 –Nexda Untitled
G4 –Nexda Untitled
G5 –Nexda Untitled
H1 –Nexda Untitled
H2 –Nexda Untitled
H3 –Nexda Untitled
H4 –Nexda Untitled
H5 –Nexda Untitled
Nexda – Dirt & Junkride /// V/A – Studio 12 Archive-Recordings
I1 –Nexda Untitled
I2 –Nexda Untitled
I3 –Nexda Untitled
I4 –Nexda Untitled
I5 –Nexda Untitled
J1 –Smalts (Live)
J2 –Zip* Swim Without Help From His Master
J3 –Wim Dekker Yellow Serpent
J4 –Terminals Untitled
J5 –Terminals Rolled Up
Bonus 7″
K1 –Vitaal Dancefloor Rape
K2 –Vitaal Final
L1 –Vitaal Religion
L2 –Vitaal In Combat

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