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10×12″LP limited to 200 copies with 16 pages booklet! 100 copies come in wooden box and 100 copies come in metal embossed box. This is the metal box, perfect condition Vinyls released, white/black-marbled vinyl! Tracklisting: A1 Kirlian Camera Uniembryo 2 (13:27) A2 Kirlian Camera Uniembryo 3 (6:49) B3 Kirlian Camera Heldenplatz (5:02) B4 Kirlian Camera Ascension (5:27) B5 Kirlian Camera Days To Come (5:59) C1 In My Rosary The Rose Of The World (4:12) C2 In My Rosary Wahre Freundschaft (3:21) C3 In My Rosary No Time (Live) (3:01) C4 In My Rosary Sweet Murderer (3:27) C5 In My Rosary Little Death (Live) (3:13) C6 In My Rosary Mirage (Instrumental) (2:14) C7 In My Rosary The Rose Of The World (Instrumental) (3:39) D1 In My Rosary Hidden Track (0:29) D2 In My Rosary Prisoner (2:59) D3 In My Rosary Farewell (4:40) D4 In My Rosary Inner Man (4:55) D5 In My Rosary Sulamith (3:36) D6 In My Rosary Mr. Revenge (2:44) D7 In My Rosary It’s Called Intro (3:36) E1 Luftwaffe Atomic Beam Resonance (3:56) E2 Luftwaffe Patterns Of Force (4:01) E3 Luftwaffe L’oss Hall (3:01) E4 Luftwaffe Kronostory (2:54) E5 Luftwaffe The Dead Do Not Revolt (1:57) E6 Luftwaffe 36 Faces Of Adam Qadmon (2:45) E7 Luftwaffe Kalki’s Army (Live) (4:21) E8 Luftwaffe Ideoscape In Plouroform (1:47) F1 Bleiburg Herdfeuer (2:41) Featuring – Von Thronstahl, Werkraum F2 Bleiburg In Memoriam (8:38) Featuring – Von Thronstahl F3 Bleiburg Awakening Of A Dead Hymn (5:13) Featuring – Von Thronstahl G1 Nocturne (2) Ludici Signum Tellus Sudore Madescet 1 (28:11) G2 Nocturne (2) Ludici Signum Tellus Sudore Madescet 2 (28:28) H1 Sword Volcano Complex, The Return To The Valley Of K (22:41) I1 Sword Volcano Complex, The Cupid Never Speaks (9:08) I2 Sword Volcano Complex, The The Ascent (5:41) I3 Sword Volcano Complex, The Hypnotized (9:41) J1 Harvest Rain The Roam Of Night (4:26) J2 Harvest Rain The Night Rained Narcissus (4:32) J3 Harvest Rain The Midnight Field (2:21) J4 Harvest Rain Conversations In A Dead Language (3:57) J5 Harvest Rain A Song For Morning (3:42) J6 Harvest Rain My Butterfly (3:53) J7 Harvest Rain Cain’s Baptismal Riverside (3:10) K1 Harvest Rain Dead Horses (6:53) K2 Harvest Rain The Golden Hands Of Morning (3:25) K3 Harvest Rain Blessed Front (4:01) K4 Harvest Rain Evening And Devotion (2:33) K5 Harvest Rain Coat Of Arms (4:24) K6 Harvest Rain Beneath The Pines (2:40) L1 A Challenge Of Honour Paranoid Theories (4:07) L2 A Challenge Of Honour Defended To Death (4:37) L3 A Challenge Of Honour Blood And Honour (3:26) L4 A Challenge Of Honour Bow Belle (5:12) L5 A Challenge Of Honour Havamal (Part 2) (5:03) L6 A Challenge Of Honour Let We Go Again!! (3:49) M1 Werkraum Ubi Concordia Est (4:38) M2 Werkraum Heilige Krieg (5:01) M3 Werkraum Todtentanz (4:18) Vocals – Antje Hoppenrath M4 Werkraum Chanson De La Plus Haute Tour (4:04) M5 Werkraum Waldt (3:25) M6 Werkraum Excema (Live) (5:06) N1 SRP (2) Tod Zahl Tod (4:49) N2 SRP (2) 3,141592654 (6:04) N3 SRP (2) Die Weltformel (4:53) N4 SRP (2) Kabbalanalog (4:37) N5 SRP (2) Leftismusterrorismus (5:24) O1 Dirlewanger Bleiburg Remix (7:45) O2 Dirlewanger Psychologie Der Massen (3:33) O3 Dirlewanger Germania (4:03) O4 Dirlewanger Orion (1:32) P1 Westwind Intro (4:00) P2 Westwind All Shared Once (7:45) P3 Westwind Traitor My Love (6:35) P4 Westwind Kill Again (3:30) P5 Westwind Transmission (2:40) Q1 Westwind In The Bunker (3:27) Q2 Westwind Steelnights (Raw Latot) (3:17) Q3 Westwind Entrance (0:47) Q4 Westwind In Soldiers Eyes (6:12) Q5 Westwind The Harvester’s Requiem (5:45) Q6 Westwind Blood, Sun, And Steel (3:53) R1 Dubravko Detoni Skalda (Kongruenzen) (19:41) With – Acezantez S1 Panicsville Erased Interaction (2:54) S2 Panicsville Forest Frequencies (7:39) S3 Panicsville Feculent Mouthpiece II (2:18) S4 Panicsville Secretarial V (5:01) S5 Panicsville Social Engagement (4:09) S6 Panicsville Let The Excuses Begin (Again) (3:00) S7 Panicsville Valkyre (1:59)


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