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ISOMETRIE SONORE a Collaboration between M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi), Massimo Croce, DBPIT and XxeNa M.B. has used electronic sounds and irregular cacophonous waves. Massimo Croce: lap-top, field-recordings. Mixed in “The Bunker Studio”, Ferrara XxeNa: ghoulish vocals, synth, iPhone DBPIT: trumpet, synth, field-recordings, tubular bells, hellish vocals A-side 1 Isometria 01: MB+XxeNa 5’28” 2 Isometria 02: MB+DBPIT 5’37” 3 Isometria 03: MB+Massimo Croce 4’56” B-side 4 METRIANORA SONISO: MB+XxeNa+Massimo Croce+DBPIT 14’56” ARTEMISIO: tape 30 pcs A-side 1 MB: Biiettiva 7’21” 2 DBPIT: People 6’48” B-side 3 XxeNa: EramA 5’31” 4 Massimo Croce: Oblomovizzati 9’36” An isometric sound ineluctably holds a thematic notion which generalizes that of the rigid motion of noise, combining with a psychometric and cacophonous object. Formally, it is a modulatory function between two metric spaces preserving their silent distances. In the example shown here, isometry moves along electronic pathways and captivates the listener’s mind through rotations and reflections in plane or in spatial sound, maintaining the geometric concepts of experimental surfaces. M.B. Arte Nel Rumore: AR001 GattoAlieno: GA14


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