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“A cross-cultural compilation”
Title translates to “Wilderness of avant-garde”.

Track 1 uses sound material from IVB rec. archives.
Track 2 uses original sounds from Maeror Tri’s “Diving Into Monument”.
Track 4 uses underlying samples from the 1963 recording of “The Sharp Drill” by the Soviet Army Chorus and Band.
Track 5 inspired by the artistry of Soviet military hardware, and the artfulness of Soviet propaganda at fear-breeding in the West, by creating the impression of military/technological arsenal far more advanced and threatening than, in reality, it was.
Track 6 ([j.t.129] Russian expedition) translates to “Abandonned Steppe”.
Track 9 translates to “Baku Fade In”.
Track 10 inspired by Shostakovich and Tarkovski
Track 11 recycles the track “MX 1” by Alexei Borisov; “MX 1” was recorded using Ultra Milkmaids’ samples.
Track 13 translates to “Novogorod”.
Track 14 translates to “Spinner” and is Russian folk song destructured.
Track 15 decomposed and disarranged in the World of Shelves, Samhain.

Hand-numbered edition of 500 copies. Packaged in in an intentionally oddly-cut digipak. All tracks recorded during Summer-Autumn 2001 exclusively for this compilation.
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1 –Roughage (2) Brumbrum Au Tashkent 4:31
2 –Cisfinitum Dintoment
Composed By – Voronovski*
Featuring [Original Sounds] – Maeror Tri
3 –The Haters Amathodynamics
Lyrics By [Original Text] – GX Jupitter-Larsen
Producer [Post Production] – Scott Arford
Voice, Other [Translation] – Eugeny Voronovski*
4 –Erinys Tabes 6:27
5 –Streicher ZiL R-161 Soviet Communications Aggressor 4:40
6 –Kallabris Нагая Степь
Other [Moral Support] – Артём Весёлый
7 –Arkkon And Membranoids Sea Of Memory 4:40
8 –Leif Elggren And Alexei Borisov* The Soya Bean 6:20
9 –E-Shak MMS* Баку Просыпается (Muslimgauze Memorial Edit) 6:03
10 –De Fabriek Rush-Amur 4:43
11 –Kapotte Muziek MX 2
Featuring [Original Track] – Alexei Borisov*
Featuring [Samples] – Ultra Milkmaids
12 –Ultra Milkmaids And Alexei Borisov* Ritm Trek
Mixed By [Final] – Y.
13 –Cotton Ferox Новгород
Composed By – Carl Abrahamsson, Thomas Tibert
14 –Nomuzic Пряха 5:08
15 –Nocturnal Emissions Remix Psilocybeast World Peace Mix
Composed By [Decomposed], Arranged By [Disarranged] – Nigel Ayers
Remix – Nocturnal Emissions
16 –Vishudha Kali Death Is Just A Beginning 2:05

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