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A1. dystopian hymn
A2. hand and knife
A3. hate is normal
A4. too bright
B1. a drowning ritual
B2. hammer and stone
B3. ling chi
B4. mixed signals

all music written by dan courtman / thorofon. mastering by anatoly
grinberg. artwork by salt. colourless clear 12″ vinyl. organic vintage
cardboard sleeve. limited edition of 200 copies incl. digital
download-code. release date: 16.11.2022

‘gladio’ offers a diversified and contemporary collection of minimal
electro pop tunes, industrial power electronics and retro-body beats.
the atmospheric spectrum ranges from icy, clinical disturbance to
aggressive, forcing blasts, drilling the message of the forceful lyrics
straight to the heart.

‘gladio’ is about the inner pain and desires, all the sinister thoughts
within the state of enforced self-isolation and the fear of wounds that
will possibly endure. the acceptable impulse of interaction in contrast
with an involuntarily defense mechanism. there is a time, where i reach
out my hand and you take the knife.

thorofon is loaded with angst-pop, haunting synth lines from mighty
analogue devices and rhythmic core. the ingredients of vintage
industrial music, metallic percussion and the remarkable psychotic voice
are united in a most perfect way – a trademark thorofon. this is
dystopian music for empty dancefloors.

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