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We walk through our lives likening ourselves to Janus…
We tend to look forward and continually open new doors, even though all the while it is our past that makes our future, our memories act like shining stepping stones on this rainbow bridge of life.
The brightest ones lead us back to the most marvellous of times, our childhood, to the world of our innocence and dreams, of rapture and sweet tears, to our inception…
This album is a look deep inside through a chink in this magical door.
It’s an attempt to pass this distant light through the prism of our present, and with that to see again those blazing shapes and transform them into a spectrum of variegated butterflies – letting them be strewn with neo-classical pieces, gentle songs, echoes of children voices – recollected images are nebulous but the colours stay invariably vivid. By plunging into these ethereal sounds it is hoped that you’ll find your own flitting blue moth emerging from your orchard far away from the present here and now…”
Comes in a 6 panel digipack plus 8 pages booklet with beautiful artwork by Alexandra Shvedova.

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