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oro!oro! – what is it? Is it the whoop of wonder full of charm and childishness beholding the transparent golden autumnal miracles? Or, are these the agony grips burning the throat and opening the last moment brimming with unbearable longing? This psychedelic code of multiple meanings has something eternal and deeply overt. Laurynas Jukonis, the master of the Lithuanian post-industrial, opens a new sonic structure and aesthetics that transcend the framework of GIRNU GIESMES project. The new project oro!oro! and its first album ilgesio rubikonai (Rubicons of Nostalgia) are undoubtedly among the most advanced musical works of the Lithuanian author revealing the accuracy and the subtlety of painting of complex and deep human emotions with the help of electronic sound. Particularly lucid and melancholic music of the album ilgesio rubikonai (Rubicons of Nostalgia), which may be classified as extremely refined ambient, transfers the audience into the masterfully highlighted and poetic visions experienced by personalities searching for the meaning of existence when the autumn in closing in. The autumn is the transformation of the nature bringing in the processes of ageing, decline and, at the same time, maturity into the whole of existence. The album promises a lonely but adventurous journey into the sorrowful landscapes of nature, cities and soul. The electronic sound helps the author to materialize the sense of nostalgia and create an immortal hymn for the period of golden autumn and the personality contemplating it. The oro!oro! album ilgesio rubikonai (Rubicons of Nostalgia) is among the most beautiful and deep ambient pieces reflecting the extremely complex ratio of human emotions and the existence. This new sound of ambient can surely be titled philosophical ambient.


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