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inspired by the franz kafka short story ‘in the penal colony,’ zoetrope presents the haunting visions of a man imprisoned within the inner depths of his own mind. he tries to escape his torturer’s talon grips, only to discover the truth about himself and the world of oppression which has driven him to this inescapable fate. consisting of both the music and extensive sound design of the movie, melded and mutated to recapture the atmospheric nightmare of the world that is zoetrope, where walls breath and dreams become nightmares. originally conceived as a two month music and sound design project, it quickly evolved into a three year journey into madness, as zoetrope the movie became a complex exercise in pure cinema and sound. in this score, brian williams maintains the focus on aleatoric sound manipulations made of echoing effects, tormented voices, industrial artifacts and slightly neglect the specific rumbling and layered electronic text ures that were heavily substantial in his previous efforts. ANT-ZEN act305


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