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• Track 1: based on source material from recording sessions made during the years 1997-1999, finalised in 2011, unreleased so far
• Track 2: expanded track from the INADE live program 2013 performed in Germany, Sweden & Russia, unreleased so far
• Track 3: originally released on the “Spring Equinox 2006” CD-R, exclusively available at Inade’s first live performance in Japan 2006, re-worded and re-arranged in 2013
• Track 4: re-worked track from the INADE live program 2012/13 performed in Lithuania, Switzerland & England, unreleased so far
• Track 5: re-worked and expanded version from the INADE live program 2012/13, based on source material of live recordings played in 2006 and 2013, unreleased so far
• Track 6: originally released on V.A. Listen to Something Different CD, 2007 Ars Macabre/Germany
• Track 7: re-structured version from 2013, originally released on V.A. VI Congresso Post Industriale, 2009 Old Europa Cafe/Italy
• Track 8: originally released on a Japanese triple split CD with Anenzephalia and Operation Cleansweep, 2006 Teito/Japan.

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