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a mirror to our own world is played out through sound and noise, providing the perfect aural landscape for this, the latest opus to come from the minds of GWENN TREMORIN and ANATOLY GRINBERG. the electronic sounds abruptly collide with the obscure, forming a rich tapestry of mystery and wonder that perfectly captures the essence of this new phenomenon. it’s a finely crafted, warm ambient album that sits at the crossroads of industrial, electronic, and modern classical music, with an emotional cinematic tension. the music expands and evolves, providing a perfect backdrop to the reversal of light and time that define this unique experience.

researchers launched a balloon carrying antennas to detect high-energy particles from space. after two unsuccessful attempts, they discovered a perplexing signal on the third flight. the signal was initially thought to be background noise, but upon closer examination, it appeared to be the signature of a high-energy particle exploding out of the ground. subsequent investigations revealed that the signal could only be explained by the existence of a parallel universe created during the same big bang as our own, where positive is negative, left is right, and time runs backward.
released April 14, 2023

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