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The group formed in Germany in 1981, producing and releasing their first tapes, numerous videos and a 12″ vinyl EP on their own record label, Zyklus. In 1987 the centre of operations moved to London, where their first album – Hypnotischer Existenzialismus – was released on SPK’s label Side Effects Records in 1985. It was reissued in North America on Thermidor a year later. In the 1980s Gerechtigkeits Liga participated in various tape and vinyl compilations. Multimedia concerts took place in Europe and the USA. After a long break throughout the 1990s, founder member Till Brüggemann teamed up with Berlin-based musician and producer Ragnar in 2004. Together they returned to a recording schedule for numerous international compilations and collaborations. They also re-released G.L.’s back catalogue material plus early studio and live outtakes on CD, vinyl and DVD and started performing live again. 2. Dystopia Gerechtigkeits Liga had been working on their new album, Dystopia, on and off since 2006. It’s the project’s first studio album in 25 years and it delivers eight dark, post-industrial tribal songs with stylistic elements of ritual, dark ambient, noise and martial industrial. The album is a head-on sonic collision of altered loops, high- and low-tech percussive elements, haunting voices, the enlightening sounds of ritual instruments, powerful drums and metal percussion, all put together in a big, dense, full and professional sounding studio production. The lyrics of Dystopia deal with the dawning of Armageddon, different kinds of repressive social control systems, a lack or total absence of individual freedom and expression, and a state of constant anxiety. The album has been recorded with the help of guest musician and friend John Murphy (Shining Vril, Knifeladder, Last Dominion Lost and SPK, to name but a few). Dystopia will be released on Gerechtigkeits Liga’s revived label Zyklus Records on the 12th of March 2011 as a vinyl LP with a nice gatefold cover and an anti-static plastic lined innersleeve and as a limited tape cassette version with bonus material. Zyklus REc. ZRMM01


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