GENOCIDE ORGAN – : MaunduNi-Mau : – LP


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We will make the vinyl available again.
To stop the record hole fuckers & pimps dealing with idiotic usury prices at discogs or elsewhere.
The edition will come with no difference and exactly like the first edition, even the numbers will be the same.
To avoid further rip-off prices and to stop these scum bastards.

incl. numbered insert
After KwaZulu-NaTal and UmKhonto-We-SizWe Genoicde Organ closes the Afri-KaN-Triangle with


It took about 10 years for Genocide Organ to come back from the heart of darkness.

In the elapsed time, body parts and remains were counted. There were too many corpses.

Unfortunately, not everyone came back. Nothing is forgotten, no one lives in secret, some sounds reverberate only in brains.

“this document tells of the time as we experienced it, we don’t give a shit about what is said about it today.

the memory lives in us as and we don´t allow it to be rewritten afterwards.”


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