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Mass CDr from 2001 was such a harsh noise bliss Freak Animal decided to re-issue it as 10″ vinyl back in 2005. Now several years later. this material still stands pretty much unique in discography of Bizarre Uproar. All his trademarks elements of early days as well as material after 2005 is absent here. Instead you have highly textured. utterly heavy harsh noise wall! This CD re-issue include full uncut original recording (10″ had few minutes missing) and as addition. extremely rare “FF” tape from 1999 what is nearly forgotten. It is hardly ever mentioned in any discograpy listings and artists himself had lost his copies. Luckily one copy remained in Industrial Recollections archives. This tape in blood drenched covers. possibly made less than 20 copies represents perfect companion to “Mass”. offering incredibly textured brutal harsh noise assault. In total over 50 minutes of playing time stands as essential addition to anyone’s Bizarre Uproar collection due it’s unique approach. CD format by Filth & Violence and Industrial Recollections.


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