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On February 24, 2001, Marco Corbelli took part in a performance titled “Autopsia dell’opera d’arte vivente come vivisezione del corpo di dio” at the Viareggio art gallery, Studio D’Arte Memoria Indelebile. Collaborating with three fellow artists, Corbelli orchestrated a theatrical autopsy on a formless body symbolizing a living work of art. In this pseudo-autopsy, Corbelli actively engaged in the process, contributing not only to the visual spectacle but also providing a live soundtrack. The recorded version of this unique sound performance was later unveiled two years after the event, presented as an exceptionally limited box set named “Close To A Corpse,” featuring three compact discs (CDr).
The initial pair of CDr discs encapsulate the entirety of the live recording at the Tuscan art gallery. These recordings feature improvised synthesizer compositions, creating an atmosphere akin to an infected and putrid soundtrack. The immersive experience transports the listener to the confines of a mortuary, where the scent of decay seems to permeate their senses. The intervals between each sonic burst serve as a prelude to the impending nightmarish auditory journey. The third CDr within the box set showcases ten previously unreleased tracks recorded in a studio setting in September 2002, with the exception of “Basic Procedure Autopsy,” which was originally recorded and released in 1995.These compositions, void of vocals or additional effects, rely solely on the faithful Sequential Circuits Six-Trak synthesizer. Both the live tracks and those recorded in the studio represent the artist’s sonic maturity and stand out from the rest of his discography for their eccentricity and the ability to make exceptional use of analog synthesizers, pulsating tones and enveloping frequencies by mixing a shocking atmosphere of hellish manifestation, where cruelty and compulsive disorders are more evident and interesting, showing Corbelli deeper work, pushing himself further into the experience of his concrete ‘’noise’’ vision.
Presented in an exquisite wooden box limited to only 99 individually hand-numbered copies, “Close To A Corpse” is now available in a refined format featuring three CDs. Careful remastered by Andrea Marutti, the release pays homage to the album’s original cover art and inserts, providing a collector’s item that marries elegance with dying. The transformation of the format enhances the listener’s experience, offering a comprehensive exploration of the album’s contents. The double CD set showcases the immersive live tracks, capturing the intensity and spontaneity of the performance, while the third CD preserves the studio recordings in amazing new mastering. Each element of the release, from the packaging to the remastering, has been curated to provide an unparalleled sensory journey.
“Close To A Corpse” serves as an enlightening dive into the extraordinary capabilities of synth processes, masterfully demonstrated by Marco Corbelli, one of the most captivating figures in the Italian industrial/noise genre. This limited edition promises to captivate enthusiasts, offering a sonic odyssey that is certain to leave a lasting impression and become a coveted item among collectors. With its unique blend of artistic innovation and sonic exploration, this release is poised to not only captivate minds but also swiftly grace the shelves of aficionados worldwide.

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