ADVOKAT IHRER HOHEIT – RÜCKSCHAU – 2CD [back in stock :26.3.21]


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An exclusive semi-official release.* A short-lived side project of Söldnergeist’s Alexis Weimer. Includes “Opferbereit” LP and “Studien Uber Den Zerfall” CS records from 1993, both released by Art Konkret, compilation tracks on such labels as Slaughter Productions, Tesco Organisation, Blaster Records and Hands Productions, and a few undated unreleased tracks. Re-recorded and remastered in 2019. Artwork by Mauro Berchi (Eibon Records). A matte-laminated 4-panel Digipak limited to 100 copies.
* the artwork is not approved by the artist / no contact with the project for two years.

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